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Anh Do - The Happiest Refugee

            The 'Happiest Refugee' is a coming of age autobiography of Australian comedian Anh Do. The exiting and thrilling book highlights key elements of Do's life featuring both his darkest days and his happiest hours. Anh and his family were faced with many challenges in this book which will explored in this essay. Conflict that Anh was dealt with include the struggles they faced in the arrival, having an abusive father and then batting with the struggles of being different to everyone. The struggles Anh and his family were dealt when he first moved to Australia were very tough. .
             The trip to Australia was mentally challenging and tough for Anh's family but they were a family who always stuck to the moto 'There's only two times in life, theres now and theres too late.' Their adventure started on a small 9x2 metre boat loaded with 40 passengers. They took of Vietnam on a early Monday morning to find a patrol boat waiting for them. 'The patrol boat began shooting at us, and the women on our boat screamed.' They were fortunate enough to outrun the boat and continue their journey to freedom. This was easier said than done, next being caught by not one but two pirate ships. All forty passengers were left to starve on the deck of the boat, no food and very little water. They were saved by a German merchant ship at last. The life threatening trip taken by these very brave Vietnamese turned out to be better for them in the long run.
             Anh's father was certainly not always abusive, it was only when he got into alcohol and lost some key lifelong relationships that changed him. Despite Anh's fathers downfall Anh has also admired his father, he was full of risks and always taught Anh how he wanted to lives life. 'Never let others force you into anything you don't want to do.' and 'And don't kid yourself; when you don't decide, that's a decision.' Were a few of Anh's fathers favourite words which were repeated several times throughout the book.

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