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The Importance of Gun Control Laws

            Do you think that carrying guns is a human right or it is just excessive? Should everybody be able to posses guns to protect themselves? In these days, we face a serious and dangerous crisis that affects people's attitudes negatively. This crisis is gun violence. No one can deny how easy it is to kill people with guns; even kids can do that. Nowadays, people live with concern and anxiety from the violent events and brutal situations that have happened recently in the United States of America. For instance, the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School caused by Adam Lanza almost one year ago and the movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado are examples. Such things wouldn't occur if our government were a bit more careful about gun ownership.
             To solve this problem the government should have certain laws that control guns: One would control magazine size; another would require background checks on who is eligible for gun ownership; and there would be certain restrictions regarding what type of guns should be owned by people, and no machine guns or any kind of heavy artillery should be owned by individuals. .
             In regard to magazine size control: this is essential because it makes it more difficult for mass shootings to occur. For instance, if an armed criminal breaks into your house having only a couple of bullets, that criminal can only do so much damage. That means for the good of the people, a limit on magazine size should be enforced. Having such laws can only increase safety for people. There is a Connecticut state law regarding such restrictions: "An ammunition magazine is the feeding device that holds ammunition used by a firearm. The device may be detachable or built into the firearm. The number of bullets a magazine can hold depends on the bullet size, gun design, and magazine design. The more bullets a magazine holds, the more bullets a shooter can fire without having to reload the firearm.

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