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Child Abuse and Neglect: The Need for Change

            Children witness abuse and neglect everyday of their life's and have to continue to go on with their day, but hope for the best. Domestic Abuse and neglect is usually thought about through the views of either the wife or the husband in a marriage, but the children, the individuals who truly matter get forgotten and swept under the rug. Nowadays, domestic abuse has become a big concern within families because of the children that have to see this. The biggest concerns with this are the causes and effects that will happen with the children as they grow up. Variety of different branches of abuse have been known, but the two us as people should pay attention to are physical and emotional. The main reason that physical abuse occurs to the child is because of their parents that are going through rough time's economic wise, emotional problems, health problems or even just the lack of parenting knowledge. Parents build up all this stress and end up taking it out on their children which is very unhealthy all around. Little kids should not have to live life everyday either scared or just emotionally down. With physical abuse, as the child is growing up they will think it will be okay to do that on their own children or even to their significant other. You see as kids they have a very open mind and they tend to pick up right after their parents. Not only does it affect them as a child but in the future, physical abuse will get them into some sort of trouble, especially since it's against the law. Many studies that have been proven that, any child who is witnessing the physical abuse, carries that habit with them as they grow older. For parents who do this to their children, it doesn't look good for them, because if they have to go to school with some sort of marks on them, their teacher will notice and it will then fall on the parents and will turn into a serious situations. There have been so many cases in court that deal with not only domestic abuse with spouses but, with parents who do this to their own children.

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