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Oracles and Oedipus the King

            The oracles in Oedipus the King prophesied that Oedipus would kill his father and marry his mother. Is he therefore the puppet of fate or the creator of his own fate? Mostly everyone believes in some type of fate, destiny or some type of energy that determines our lives or guides us to what we do as human beings. Sometimes we cannot explain certain actions we take, or we don't understand how we end up in certain situations, places or circumstances. Can we really make our own choices, can we make our own decisions and guide or lives through the path that we want to choose for our lives. Or is there a stronger energy or power that guides us to special events or decisions that we have to fulfill. No matter what occurs in our lives we cannot escape fate. Is Oedipus honestly a puppet of fate or is he responsible for his decisions and the consequences of his actions.
             When Oedipus begins to search for answers due to his problems he was dealing with. He wanted to find the truth about who he truly was and wanted to discover the main source of all his troubles. He was determine to find that relief and peace he was in search for. Once he discovers certain trues about his live he is shocked and cannot accept them. His choices had led him to his own destruction. He was positive that his real parents were his adopted parents. Due to this discovery, he chooses to leave to Thebes to escape the prediction of him killing his father and marrying his mother. Oedipus thought he was not fulfilling his fate as the oracle had said. Oedipus was wrong, his ego is what leads him to his destruction and to the conclusion of this story. In my opinion he could've change his fate, just by simply talking to his adopted parents and trying to find out the truth of his origin, how he came to them and where was he truly from.
             Pride is a noble and important characteristic we all humans should have, but sometimes too much pride can hurt us and make us blind.

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