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Contrasting Designers and Architects

            Some people find it sometimes difficult to differentiate graphic designers and architects. People normally don't know who designs what. Graphic designers and architects have different skills. Why is that is with graphic designers they work on computers using software mostly and with architects they work on buildings. Both careers are obviously difficult to figure out but, are commonly difficult for people to figure out. Graphic designers and architects each have their own way of using their skills differently. Whereas, graphic designers and architects appear quite different in terms of their designs, they show important similarities in how they spend their time planning, meeting with clients, drafting and creating. What graphic designers spend their time doing is creating visual concepts, by hand or use computer software, to get consumers attention. They also develop plans for advertisements, brochures, and magazines, corporate reports. Graphic designers use most of their time thinking and using texts and images. They often select the types of fonts, sizes, colors, the line length of headlines, headings, and text. Some graphic designers create their own styles of art. It's obvious that not all graphic designers think alike or come up with the same ideas. .
             On the other hand, with architects they design houses, office buildings, and other structures. Architects spend most of their time planning with clients, but are mostly in offices with them. Architects mostly are drafting, creating structural designs, and using their architectural skills the best way possible when designing. But most architects valuable time in offices meeting with clients, sometimes are socializing with engineers, and other architects around the United States. Their clients sometimes meet with other clients but, generally meet with their official architect. Why is that is because being an architect takes so much time to first plan, draft, create, and finally put their structural designs to work.

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