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Story Summary Notes: Reunion

             "Reunion" is a short story written by John Cheever. The story takes places in the 1960's. It is about the meeting between a son named Charlie and his father. They haven't seen each other for three years. The boy travels alone and meets his father in New York before he continues his journey. The relationship between the son and his dad is not that good and it is not like a normal father and son relationship. It is meaning allot to Charlie that he is going to visit his dad again. The boy is in a young age and mostly boys´ looks up to their father and Charlie does that too. Charlie was happy to se he his father, but he slowly comes to the comprehension of his father's weaknesses, which are his poor behavior to the service workers on restaurants they are visiting. After four visits on different restaurants with the same rude behavior and a fifth with a newspaper stand seller, the boy leaves his father with a sad goodbye, and he has decided never to meet his father again.
             Reunions are not always happy. Sometimes parents disappoint their children. The story reunion tells about a young son who gets disappointed over his father. He has a positive perception of meeting his father again for three years and he looks forward to the meeting. It turns out miserable because he experiences the opposite. .
             A father and a son are meant to be together, no son without a father. In the text it says that they have not seen each other for three years, "my mother divorced him three years ago and I hadn't been with him since". If you do not have a father to raise you and be there for you for three years, it will be obvious you are looking forward to see him again. You are so excited and then you see him you feel like seeing yourself just older and bigger, you get happy. You can feel the his happiness through the sentence: "He was a big, good-looking man, and I was terribly happy to see him again", "but as soon as I saw him I felt that he was my father, my flesh and blood, my future and my doom.

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