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The Two Witnesses in the Book of Revelation

            The Book of Revelation has been the source of controversy for many centuries. There have been several interpretations and different views on Revelation. Many have argued whether the Book is a symbolic or literal interpretation. While reading through Revelation the reader must consider these two interpretations. John wrote Revelation to the seven churches of Asia Minor and this needs to be considered when reading the Book. The people of Asia Minor had a vast knowledge of Old Testament Scripture. In these letters John makes many references to Old Testament scripture for the readers to relate too. The identity of the two witnesses of Revelation eleven is one of the areas of controversy. The two witnesses are a symbolic representation of the entire Church who are called to bear witness to Jesus Christ and preach the Word of God.
             Understanding how Revelation was written and also the original context of the letters is a key factor in understanding the Book. Revelation was wrote to seven churches in Asia Minor. "Context is the key to decoding the choice language."1 These churches had a good understanding of Jewish culture and also studied Old Testament scriptures. The description of the two witnesses draws many connections back to the Old Testament. "The description of the two witnesses in language drawn from the Old Testament seem to signify Jewish influences on the text."2 The letters were wrote to the churches in this manner because of their vast knowledge of the scriptures. Many people have different views on the identity of the two witnesses in Revelation to try and understand its meaning. This "has posed problems for scholars who have sought to interpret it."3 They have it narrowed down to three interpretations that many people believe could be possible for the two witnesses. "Expositors differ widely in their identification of these future witnesses. The three kinds of interpretations are the symbolic, the corporate, and the literal.

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