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Sanity and Insanity in Hamlet

            In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare there is an obvious question as to whether Hamlet is insane or not. The play hamlet is about a royal family whose king dies. The king was killed by his brother Claudius by pouring poison in his ear. After King Hamlet dies, his wife Queen Gertrude marries Claudius and he becomes king, leaving Gertrude and King Hamlet's son without having the throne. Throughout the book everything that has happened to Prince Hamlet one could see him getting more and more insane. .
             One could say that Prince Hamlet is in fact totally sane because when he encounters his fathers ghost. When he sees his father's ghost the ghost tells him that "The serpent that did sting thy father's life now wears his crown" (I.V.24). One could say that this quote means that Prince Hamlet's father was killed by his uncle who is now the king of Denmark. One could say that he was sane because when he found out about his fathers death he wanted to seek revenge on his uncle who killed his dad. Some would say that it is totally ethical to want to seek revenge if someone killed their father but other would say one was crazy for wanting to seek revenge on someone for killing their father. One would say that he was crazy because firstly who sees ghost. Ghost are a make believe. Also seeking revenge on anyone especially if they were ones uncle is unethical because if something goes wrong while you're trying to seek revenge that person could find out about it and seek revenge on you. .
             Also another reason someone could say that Prince Hamlet is sane when he says "To be or not be, that is the question" (III.I.53).One could interpret this quote as meaning Prince Hamlet is contemplating whether or not to take it own life. One could say that by Prince Hamlet saying this he is completely sane because many people contemplate taking their lives everyday. On the other hand many people say that there are many other alternatives rather than taking his own life.

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