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             It is my opinion that politics and corruption go together very well. All politicians are corrupt for all they do is get the most of those who have little identify or none at all. Deception and false promises are used regularly by politicians to gain the votes they need to get into power. I totally agree with Ernest S. Griffith in which he defines government corruption as " personal profit at the expense of public stealing and use of office for private gain, including the giving and taking of bribes outside the law". It's this greed and lust for power that makes them think and act corrupt. Even though the government purpose is to keep order in a country and to protect and serve the citizens of the country, it does not fully live up to its promise. Policies are often suggested by corrupt bureaucrats who have the links and interests in their power.
             Corruption, even in the present, is still at large. The government is supposed to represent the people yet they perform additional actions without listening to the people and deciding what is best for the country or not. As long as there are people in power and they are exposed by the media, there will always be corruption. Corruption has evolved into something that America takes great pride in. Every politician knows that the way to manipulate the minds of the citizens is by feeding them something they would like to hear. Ever country has something that is wrong but this wrong is the main reason for the success and functioning of that country. People may complain and protest but at the end there is nothing anyone can do to end dishonesty because corruption has and always will be part of our lives.
             In conclusion, I believe that the government is going to remain corrupt as long as they keep performing actions that they believe are right instead of listening to the people of the nation(s).

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