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Migration in Kosovo

            Migration occurs for different reasons. Some people have difficulty living in their country and they migrate because of push factors. Push factors are those things that encourage a population to leave their home. Push factors include high unemployment rate, bad health care, wars, bad governing, poverty and low incomes and other things. People also migrate because of pull factors. Pull factors are factors that pull people to a country who applies the pull factor. This also makes people migrate to find better jobs in a place with good economy. Over one hundred thousand people have left Kosovo since August 2014, heading to different destinations. The centre is Hungary and from there they go to apply for asylum mostly in Germany, Austria and France. .
             Kosovo has one of the largest international migrations out flows in the world. All this is happening because the unemployment rate is sky high. Fifty percent of people in Kosovo live on one euro per day. This means they see no future here. Supporting a family is almost impossible on one euro a day, especially in Kosovo when our families typically include four or more members. This means that one euro is split in four ways a family. People are ready to sacrifice everything to have more income. If they are ready to sacrifice everything they are ready to do anything including stealing, killing which can lead to an increase in crime. What can we do to stop this? We can stop this by improving the economy and producing more opportunities for employment.
             When we open more factories it means that we would have an increase in exports. Increased exports will mean a stronger economy in Kosovo. Our country exports seven percent to Italy and we most of the time import things from different countries. .
             The health care in Kosovo is bad. There are doctors who have no rights to work. If you have to go to the heart hospital they will ask you first where are you from, and if you have someone that lives outside the country.

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