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The Cardiovascular System

             The cardiovascular system has a very simple job and all it is transportation. The cardiovascular system delivers waste to be removed and delivers nutrients to be used by body organs and tissues. The cardiovascular system delivers oxygen from the lungs and takes carbon dioxide back to the lungs to be exhaled. As simple as it the cardiovascular system sounds it must adjust its output according to the state of the person. (Wilmore, Costill, and Kenney, 2008). If a person is being active then the cardiovascular system must speed up to meet the demands of the working tissues. The heart must beat faster to get the needed blood to each tissue. During exercise blood flow is focused on the tissues that are working. The digestive system organs do not get as much attention from the cardiovascular system because the blood is needed more at muscles. The heart receives electrical impulses through the SA node to contract and create a higher pressure then what is in the arteries. Blood will not be able to move if the pressure inside the heart is smaller then the pressure in the arteries. (Wilmore, Costill, and Kenney, 2008). The heart fills then empties over and over again. The only two things that change are stroke volume and heart beats per minute. The only way to test a healthy cardiovascular system is through exercise. Exercise puts the cardiovascular system an increase in just about everything. Beats per minute increase stroke volume increases as much as it can and blood pressure increases. This was tested by putting two participants through a cardiovascular test on a bike while their blood pressure and heart rate were monitored and recorded.(Beam, Adams, 2014). Also, RPP was calculated and during the activity it was drastically increased compared to pre-exercise base value. .
             Summary of Electrocardiogram test.
             Time HR BP RPE Kpm/min-1 .
             Baseline 74 123/84 0 0.
             3:00 116 128/80 2 450.

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