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Poverty in America

            This article describes the finding of a study that looked at the affects of poverty on early childhood development and how that projects into the health behavior and success as an adult. This study was done to verify the association of poverty in early development and the rate of success as an adult. The article describes how low income parents tend to spend less money on early development of their kids. To where kids raised in these households have a less cognitive rich groundwork. For example these kids tend not to be enrolled in preschools, less exposure to books and education toys. The study uses a combination of research method from Longitudinal to Interviews. Researches looked at poverty levels of infants from the age of 0-5years and then checked up on those kids throughout adult hood until the age of 37. The study found that these kids on average completed two fewer years of schooling earned half as much to in their life time compared to their middle and upper class peers, receive $826 more in food stamps, eight times more likely to be arrested and twice as likely to be overweight as an adult. The study found a strong correlation to early childhood development and success as an adult. The study concluded that policy makers should increase the EITC for low income working families, which will help raise these families income to where they are more likely to invest in the development of their offspring.
             The Arthurs that wrote this article pointed out some great facts in regards to early child hood development. Theorist from Kohlberg, Erikson, Piaget and many more have all described the early childhood development stage (birth to eight years) as one of the essentials stages of growth and cognitive development. This stage that a child learns language, basic motor skill and develop trust, concrete motor skills, time and money. When a child is deprived of the essentials to develop these skills they will never be able to regain that competitive disadvantage in life.

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