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Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

            It is valuable to know about one's genetics predisposition so one can treat, or diagnose or cure many illnesses that one has encountered. One's genetic disorder can be helped medically with a genetic counsellor. A genetic counsellor is a health care professional with expertise training in medical genetics and counselling. Genetic counsellors explain the symptoms of genetic disorders and available treatments, also to provide other information and equally provide emotional support. Individuals should be allowed to know about their own genetic make-up, but, they should not be authorized to send a kit to their own home, also the governments should control and have rules if they do decide to send these kits home. Despite the fact that direct-to-consumer genetic testing's can be very useful, the negative aspects of these kits definitely overshadow the positive.
             Personally, I do want to know about my genetic make-up because this not only affects myself. Knowing your genetic make-up also involves my parents, siblings and other family relatives of their unforeseen disorders, and or conditions. Understanding my genetic make up help and benefits myself and others, because maybe one may have a disorder that one does not know about and with this kit you will be able to discover the undiscovered, and it can be early treated. With the direct-to-consumer genetic testing it is a benefit towards the newborns; a probability that the maternal nurses may have overlooked a problem with the newborn, the direct-to-consumer genetic testing will be very useful in that situation.
             People should not be allowed to order a direct-to-consumer kit. For the matter of fact, once people are told something negative they panic or they bring the situation out of proportion and everything falls apart. Individuals should have to go to through a doctor, because a professional like the doctor has training and knowledge that may ease the situation, where individuals can feel like it can be cured.

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