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Patriarchal Societies and Male Emotional Expression

            One of the major problems that the society in Egypt is facing nowadays is suppress males' emotional expression. In fact this suppression that boys suffer from it does not happen in Egypt only, but also in most countries of the world even in developed one. Most of people do not imagine how this problem is very dangerous, as this suppression leads to the occurrence of lots of crimes, disintegration of the family, and boys feeling insecure and discomfort. Also it leads to foster a generation unable to express about what is inside them fearing of society's perception. Therefore in order to avoid these problems, this essay will start by investigating the reasons for the suppression of boys' emotional expression, and then it will show its effect on the boys, and finally will offer solutions for this problem.
             The problem can go to back to many factors. First, the family has a big impact on suppressing boys' emotional expression. As many families suppress the feelings of their boys since their childhood. Pollack (1998) has stated, '' Parents always tell their boys that big boys do not cry , they should not be a mama's boy, and always want them act like a real men . Even though these things are not said directly, it appears very well in their dealings with their boys.''(P.8).This explains why boys cannot express their feelings, as they often forced to do that, fearing of reproach and blame. Listening to Boys' voices study, some boys said that they feel yearn to make connection but cannot because if they start acting scared or freaking out like a crybaby, their parents and the other kids punch them out or tell them to shut up or cut it out (Pollack,1998, P.11). .
             Suppressing boys' expression has many harmful effects.'' As many boys express only half of their emotional lives and they are forced to change their feelings, such as vulnerability or sadness, into felling more socially acceptable for them to experience, like pride or anger, .

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