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Softball Conditioning Program

             Players must follow this plan to play this year and be well-conditioned for this year's season at North Park. For off season, there are four days of your choice that should be dedicated to the various lower and upper body workout routines. Before the workouts, a slight warm up should be issued. Starting with a jog 5-minute jog should be implemented before working out to warm up the muscles before lifting. Following a jog should be stretches of choice of strengthening lower and upper muscles. These stretches would be getting energy from the glycolysis system because they are short stretches. An example of some stretches would be sit and reach, cross over stretch, leg extension, leg flexion, arm extension, and arm flexion. The stretches should be ballistic stretches where the athlete bounces and holds the stretch. In a study, it was proven to give the best results when it came to vertical jumping. This is the results we are looking for because it will help the athlete run faster and help fundamentally with fielding and batting.4.
             Off season is essentially one of the most important aspects fundamentally with playing a sport. First it recovers the athlete physically and psychologically from their season. It also gives time for the athlete to work on imbalances and fundamentally work on aspects that were weaknesses in the season.2 For the anaerobic portions of this workout is energy being used for the glycogen system. This includes the weight lifting for anaerobic because they are short quick exercises. However when one is lifting and maxing out energy is being used from the phosphagen system.3 Off-season all gives the chance to be stronger and ready for the next season. For aerobic activities such as the 3 miles that is mandatory twice a week receives its energy from the aerobic system. 3 The 5-minute jog is also energized by the aerobic system. Running milespp00o; is dependent on oxygen with that being said the aerobic system is the slowest energy system to re-synthesize ATP.

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