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Mary Shelley: An Unfulfilled Life

            Frankenstein seems to be a fantastic story of a monster created by a man gone mad with scientific lust. Rather than this being a science fiction novel, it is based on the author's feelings of abandonment based on creation, pregnancy and death. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein story is born of her own natural fears and experiences and is therefore her own autobiography. .
             Mary Shelley and Victor Frankenstein both abandoned everything they loved during their quest for creation. Mary was so focused on her writing that she isolated herself from her husband. Victor became so engrossed in his work that he even let summer months slip by and did not maintain contact with his family. Prior to college, Victor was very close with his family and had spent every day of his life with them. Victor states, "I furnished many of my materials; and often did my human nature turn to loathing from my preoccupation, whilst still urged on by an eagerness which perpetually increased, brought my work near to a conclusion. The summer months passed while I was thus engaged" (41). Victor even lets his health decline and tells himself that he will have "exercise and amusement" (Shelley 42) once he is done with his creation. Shelley isolated herself from her husband Percy often. "Many and long were the conversations between Lord Byron and Shelley, to which I was a devout but nearly silent listener" (23). Perhaps Shelley thought Lord Byron a better conversationalist and intellectualist leaving Mary feeling isolated. Mary had these feelings of isolation based on Percy spending more time with Lord Byron. Mary felt inadequate to join the conversations and focused on her writing. .
             In Frankenstein; the Creature, Victor and Walton are all lonely and isolated. These three characters are the orphans and beggars of Frankenstein and have their own stories of seeking love, knowledge and friendship, yet end up alone in this quest.

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