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America and the Legalization of Marijuana

            Marijuana is a mixture of dried shredded leaves of the hemp plant. THC which is a mind altering chemical is the main active component in marijuana. Once marijuana has been smoked THC is what makes a person feel "high" or "relaxed". For over a decade now marijuana has been illegal in the United States. For many years now the talk about if marijuana should stay illegal or be made legal has brought to surface a lot of different views and opinions from people, some good and some bad. Some people feel that marijuana causes health problems and it should remain illegal, while others say that it's actually good for your health and it should be made legal. Some feel that if marijuana was made legal it would cause crime rates to sky rocket. However if marijuana was made legal it would be the nation's largest cash crop. It would create jobs and economic opportunities, state and the local government would acquire new sources of revenue by regulating marijuana sales. The legalization of marijuana would benefit health, create jobs, help stimulate the economy and regulate crime.
             Marijuana has Many Health Benefits.
             Six studies funded by the Food and Drug Administration found that marijuana helps people cope with the violent nausea that often accompanies cancer treatment. Other studies have shown that it eases muscle spasms that are part of multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. Marijuana revives appetites in AIDS patients, which keeps them from wasting away. And it relieves eye pressure that causes blindness in glaucoma patients. ("Let Sick") Even though my research shows that marijuana has many health benefits, some people believe that marijuana is unhealthy and harmful to the human body. .
             Smoking marijuana disrupts the immune system, puts users at greater risk of developing lung cancer than that faced by tobacco smokers, can cause emphysema and other lung diseases, and increases the risk of heart attack.

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