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Ways To Measure Process Performace

            Ways to Measure Process Performance.
             To measure performance for our online services we will look into, how efficiently we are able to deliver our services to the customers. If we can meet a large variety of customer needs and wishes; also how fast we can make those wishes happen. Lastly, how good is our services and how well did we advertise it to the public. To start off, we will be able to measure how efficiently we are able to deliver customers by looking at the average time spent on the phone and how many transfers happened during it with a check sheet if they were able to solve their problem or not. By averaging time spent on the phone, transfers and how many calls were solved vs not we will be able to determine how efficient our call center is. Next, to measure if we are able to meet customer needs; we will collect data from quarterly surveys to see if our customers are satisfied with what we are giving, and putting out each year. Lastly, the way we can measure how good our quality of service is by, the way our employees answer the phone, how they end the call, how they handle angry customers, and how many calls end with a satisfied customer. We collect this data from, end of call survey, online survey, and reviews on our site, and a check sheet. Most of this information will be collected from end of call surveys, online surveys and customer reviews. .
             Customer Satisfaction .
             "91% of unhappy customers will never purchase from you again" (Marta, 2014). So a company's number one goal should be to understand their customers and keep them happy. Ways we are able to measure customer satisfaction is; firstly measuring the overall satisfaction. Ways to measure this is through surveys that the customer will complete after they've received the service, this will let us know if we are meeting customer expectations. This is extremely important to measure because if the customer is satisfied and has gotten the service they've expected to get then they would always come back.

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