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Celebrities and Bad Deeds

            In Shakespeare's King Lear, it says that bad deeds of the poor are more noticeable than bad deeds of the wealthy and that the wealthy escape justice far more often than the poor. This statement is very true in today's culture. When it comes to sports, the athletes become very well-known, and some of them become iconic people. But while this is true, it's also very true that because of their fame and wealth, crimes they commit are overlooked. Take Leonard Little for example. He was a big time football player, but one night he left a party drunk and hit a car, killing a mother and her two children. He didn't go to prison but was given four years' probation and a thousand community service hours. Obviously, he got off very easily. Normal people would have had to pay a fine for drunk driving and would have to spend up to 10 years in prison. Because of the fame and money Little had, he got off with a much less severe punishment than average people. Another example to further my point is Ray Lewis. He's another big time football player in the NFL. Lewis got into a fight with two men who were later found dead. He was the main suspect because police found blood on his tuxedo and in his limo. When he went to court, all charges ended up being dropped. Normal people who were the prime suspect of a murder (with evidence to prove it like Lewis's case) would've been convicted of murder and could spend life in prison depending on their motives and the seriousness of it. This again shows that wealthy people get off the hook with serious felonies that normal people wouldn't have because of who they are and how much money they have.
             Celebrities are no better when it comes to owning up to a crime they committed. Mark Wahlberg was charged with assault and attempted murder. He pleaded guilty and was supposed to serve two years in prison but only served forty-five days. Normal people who have been charged with this crime would've faced up to fifteen years in prison.

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