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The Disney Company and Social Responsibility

            The Disney Corporation has become one of the most respectful companies by setting the standards on social and environmental causes across the globe. It incorporates volunteerism from its employees and civilians to work together, in conjunction with charitable institutions and organizations. As a result, families have seen the benefits of Disney's generosity in helping with different issues and trying to fulfill their needs. Another of Disney's citizenship programs is the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. This program encompasses the protection and preservation of earth's vegetation, wildlife, and ecosystem thru education and documentaries taken to the big screen. It is of no surprise that Disney has won several awards, recognition, honorable mentions and even inducted in the hall of fame in the corporate social responsibility arena.
             The Disney Company in the Forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility.
             Diverse companies have joined the trend of socially responsible corporations within their community. It shifts the general population's mindset that these corporations although making a profit, have priorities outside of making a profit. Companies are expanding their efforts nationwide and worldwide to promote their brand. Many businesses have recognized that being socially responsible is not only good for society, but for business as well. By taking part in these initiatives a company gains respect, trust, and revenue from its shareholders and civilians. One such corporation that leads the world with its conservation efforts is The Walt Disney Company. The Disney Company is so massive, that it is comprised of several different branches within itself to be able to function. Each of its divisions has its own department that focuses on the environment, community, and employment standards.
             The Disney conglomerate has incorporated a volunteer program that has evolved into a citizenship's program by the name of Disney VoluntEARS.

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