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ski childhood memory

            One winter evening, when the final examinations ended at college, my uncle Charles came especially from Paris to celebrate Christmas with me. Despite he came to spend time with me, I felt homesick not to be with my entire family and my close friends who are for most of them in France. Thus, I decided to start reading a book on meditation to make me forget this homesickness, and by seeking this book in the library I discovered entirely by chance an old dusty photo album. I opened it delicately, and I have seen a photograph of Charles and me that was caught through a window one day of fog, in Switzerland. The clarity of a frosty morning, the mist, and the wind that whistled on my blow in spite of my scarf returned to me in memory. I plunged then in a youthful memory of the year of my twelve years.
             When my mother was eighteen years old, she has fallen pregnant by accident but decided to keep the baby she already saw cherish. My mom being very young, my grandmother suggested to her to keep her baby while she is finishing her studies and has a good job to take care of her baby in proper conditions. My grandmother agreed, and it is in these circumstances that I lived my childhood with my dear grandparents. My grandmother also was very young at that time, and she gave birth a year earlier of a little boy named Charles, who was the little brother of my mother. During all these years, Charles, who was my uncle, played the role of a perfect big brother, protector, and friends to my eyes. That was the beginning of an unconditional fraternal love. I have the most beautiful memories of my childhood with my grandparents and Charles.
             My grandparents, Charles and I had used to go every year to Switzerland to spend the winter holidays since 1995. Zermatt is the resort that my family and I adore so much. The views are breathtaking there, all the mountains are covered with snow as white as paper, and also this destination has the pleasant temperature during the spring as if we were on a beach in Caribbean.

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