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Making an Ethical Decision

             An ethical dilemma is a situation where a person is faced with two choices of equal magnitude. This implies that none of the two choices is better than the other, yet a decision has to be made (Josephson, 2002). In the case of Jill, the ethical dilemma is about making an objective recommendation about Henry without revealing her past agonies in the hands of Henry. Her boss has given her the role of conducting an objective review about Henry due to the new position of CEO he is just about to be given. In other words, William Potter is asking Jill to either recommend Henry for the position or otherwise but giving objective reasons in each case. Each choice has got its unique consequences that are almost similar in magnitude. .
             For example, if Jill recommends Henry as the new CEO, the organization might turn into a living hell for her since Henry had made her life quite miserable in the company. She also thinks that Henry might use his new position as the boss to humiliate other employees just like he did to Jill. This might even lead to the failure of the entire organization. On the other hand, if she declines to recommend Henry as the new CEO, the company might lose a very competent leader who has transformed the branch at Miami quite successfully. .
             According to the records that the company has, Henry has performed a very good job in the Miami branch and may also do the same as the CEO of the company. Henry has also been in the company for a very long time hence knows the vision and mission of the company. He is, therefore, at the right position of becoming the next chief executive officer. Therefore, if I was in the same position as Jill, I would first consider the consequences of each decision and then reason along the various ethical theories that can assist in solving the problem. There are several ethical theories that can be used to analyze each case and then arrive at the right decision.

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