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The Negative Effects of Net Neutrality

             The uncontrolled use of internet has been a controversial issue among the policymakers and the lawmakers across the world. America has been grappling with issues regarding the control of internet usage but has ended up achieving limited success as the internet continues to be one of the central aspects to the lives of many citizens (Roson, 2005). Although a lot of internet users risk losing their important information and a considerable breach to their privacy, many of them ignore this notion and consider their freedom in internet access more integral than the risk that internet harbors to their lives. Amid the growing dangers of online fraud and cyber attacks, the government of the United States has been struggling to deal with the contentious issues surrounding the concept of internet neutrality (Roson, 2005). Internet neutrality poses serious threats to the individual Internet users and companies. The intent of this study is to access the negative effects of net neutrality.
             Nature of the Net Neutrality Legislative Concept.
             Following public pressure to meet the internet demands of the consumers and the young internet entrepreneurs who were craving for unlimited network access and uncontrolled content development and distribution, the U.S changed its internet rules (Rysman, 2009). On the April of 2011, the America's House of Representatives unanimously voted to barricade a "Federal Communications Commission (FCC) net neutrality ruling approved in December 2010 that banned ISPs from blocking traffic on their networks, but allowed providers to 'reasonably' manage their networks and charge consumers based on usage" (Access.org, 2011, p.2). .
             This endorsement brought a broad consensus that any form of mitigation, restraining or censorship of substitutive internet services should remain prohibited. The approval of this legislation presents serious dilemmas for the vulnerable internet consumers, the growing internet companies, and the government of the United States.

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