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Codes of Business Conduct: The Cheesecake Factory

            As the CEO of the Cheesecake Factory, I will be discussing the importance of our company's code of conduct that are very significant to our business. Every aspect of our code of conduct is crucial to the success of our business, but there are a few that I would like to reiterate to the employees. The first aspect of our code of conduct that is the most important in my opinion is no harassment. Our company has a zero tolerance for any harassment regardless the type of harassment from sexual to regular harassment. .
             Our company will do what we can to prevent this from happening and do not want our employees ever to feel that they are being harassed and that the management does nothing for them. This is why the company will have every employee sign the zero tolerance for harassment form, and we will have copies of this procedure on the employee break room and the employee wall. If any employee feels that they have been harassed, they need to follow the steps or contact management at any time.
             The second aspect of the code of ethics that is very important is the no drug or alcohol policy. This company cannot be successful if our employees come to work with a hangover or to use any drug whether it be illegal or prescribed. Again, the company will have all employees sign the no drug or alcohol policy, and the company will help all employees succeed at this policy. If an employee that signs the code of ethics papers and does not adhere to these policies, the company will have no choice but to dismiss the employee from the company. If the employee can't follow the rules of the company, then the company does not need to have staff that does not want to be a successful member of the company. The company will hold classes on a quarterly schedule so that these policies and code of ethics will always be in the back of the employee's minds. "Compliance with these policies is essential to our corporate philosophy" (Cheesecake Code of Ethics, 2006).

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