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The Art of Sous Vide Cooking

            Sous Vide is a cooking method that came from a French term that means under pressure. In the process, food is sealed in an airtight bag made from plastic material. The food is then cooked in the water longer than the usual cooking time. This can be done in meats and vegetables through precisely regulated temperature, which is much lower than usually used for cooking. The temperature normally ranges from 120 deg to 160 deg depending of desired doneness. This method is intentionally done so that meats and vegetables are cooked evenly without overcooking the outside portion while keeping the food's inside portion properly done as well as keeping its juiciness. There are several ways how the Sous Vide method can be used in our property whether or not using a Sous Vide machine.
             The Sous Vide method is a practice that has been used in many fine-dining restaurants with famous chefs. However, this kind of cooking method is now being used for home cooking because available solutions are now increasing its availability in the market. .
             For home use, applying the Sous Vide method can be done even without using a Sous Vide machine. A submersion heater can be used as an alternative, which goes into a pot with almost full of water. The heater will create some air bubbles that will circulate the heat within the pot. This method works like a Sous Vide machine in which the heat will slowly go into the food's inner portion making it well-done inside and out.
             The Sous Vide technique can be used at home. People will be able to enjoy the same doneness without leaving their property. At home, an improvised Sous Vide technique can be done using immersion circulators together with water that is temperature-controlled are the basic tools that are needed. Also, Sous Vide cooking can be done using a ziplock bag, stove, pot, and digital thermometer so that your Sous Vide style cooking can be accomplished.
             This cooking technique is also the answer for home chefs who are on a budget.

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