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Movie Summary - Invictus

            Invictus is an inspiring story written and produced by Clint Eastwood in 2009, about the newly elected South African president, Nelson Mandela, helping our rugby team and our country unite as a whole after being let go from prison. The country is currently in a rough time. The country is being divided racially and economically and Mandela has to figure out a way to bring the residents closer together and rejuvenate the country as a whole. Mandela made our team, the Springboks, the team of South Africa and used our team to revive the country of South Africa. He wanted us to do something nearly impossible to bring the residents back together. Mandela wanted us to win the World Cup. The Springboks weren't a very good team. We tried to do everything we could to win games but couldn't get it done. But Mandela had an idea. He gave our captain, Francois Pienaar, a set of instructions for our team. If we were to win the World Cup it put the apartheid behind us. Mandela talks to Pienaar about inspiration and how to motivate ourselves while under extreme pressure. Mandela gave him a copy of the anthem to give to our team. Pienaar tells us that we should get to know and sing it properly to motivate us. Mandela then orders us to take a break in our rigorous training schedule to go teach the township kids how to play rugby. This will give the kids a team to look up too and instill national pride into the next generation. This also teaches our team a valuable lesson as well. It teaches us that life and the game implies change all the time and that we are no different. We came into the tournament motivated and confident. We ended ended up surprising the crowd by beating Australia. We continue our morning runs as we win more and more games and increase in support form Our country's residents. Residents see us take our morning runs in the streets and some even participate. We make it to the final game against the powerhouse New Zealand.

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