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Psychology Perspectives - Annotated Bibliography

            "After-School Programs: The Sky is the limit," The citation for this article is Bellotti, M. G. (2015). After-school programs: The sky is the limit. Sheriff, 57(6), 57-57,69. Retrieved fromhttp://search.proquest.com/docview/199436482?accountid=32521 .
             The main focus of the article is about how imperative and beneficial after schools programs can be to our youth. The focal point is a particular After- School program that was started in Braintree, Massachusetts by the Norfolk County Sheriff office called "Significantly raises youth." It started in November 2003, the program was designed to give children structure, create and positive environment during the hours when most children are out school and may not have supervision after school due to parents working. The Sheriffs are assisted by teachers, and they engage in outdoor activities, such a challenge course that allows them to put their fears aside and work together. The Prairie View Process Solution Group of Newton, Kansas chose to do an independent review of the program. And they found that this program raises beliefs in their capabilities to function properly in the home, school and peer environments. The sheriff is using after school programs as means to prevent form crime juveniles. Research shows that most crimes committed by juveniles are done during the hours between 3 and 4. They believe that idle minds and nothing constructed to can be a recipe for getting in trouble. After the program was complete, a lot of the students and parents have very positive things to say about the program. Many students felt they learned to trust others and work together. Many parents noticed a more positive attitude from their children; they seemed more confident. The only recommendations that I have are that I believe the students would benefit even more if parents were involved in the program. Children would be willing to improve even more so at the home of the parents could be incorporated somehow.

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