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The Bismarck: German Battleship

            At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean lies a German battleship whose name alone inspired fear in the early days of the Second World War. Bismarck, the most deadly, destructive and most feared German battleship that destroyed the British battle cruiser HMS Hood and severely damaged Prince of Wales, the new British battleship of that time in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. Bismarck was defeated and sunk in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean after an engagement with the Royal Navy of a three days chase, without thought that this sea marvel could sink. Packed with astonishing array of guns and armored to its core with 8 x 15 inch guns, 12 x 5.9 inch guns, 16 x 4.1 inch AA guns, 16 x 20mm AA guns and two Arado 96 aircrafts, Bismarck took critical damage to every ship on its way and re-wrote history in 1941. She was named after Otto Von Bismarck, who was a conservative Prussian statesman that controlled the German and European affairs from 1860 until 1890. The design seems to look like a throwback in some ways to the other designs of ships during the First World War. With an original displacement of 41,000 tones, in which 40% of this displacement is armor and 50,300 tones fully loaded with its crew of 2,200 and an overall length of 251 meters, a beam of 36 meters and a maximum draft of 9.9 meters, as it sailed into the Atlantic Ocean fearlessly. .
             The battleship was Germany's largest battleship, and is second to have displaced more than any other European battleship, below HMS Vanguard. Such armor gave the Bismarck many advantages in protection but it did not inhibit her speed, as she was only capable of its maximum speed of 30 knots. At the end of the First World War, German shipyards were forbidden to construct surface warships above 10,000 tones under the conditions charged by the treaty of Versailles. However, in 1935, the Germans began the construction of Bismarck and Tirpitz, the two intimidating 50,000 tones battleships in secrecy with an objective of reaching British convoy routes in the North Atlantic and do as much damage as possible.

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