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The Doomed League of Nations

            The league of nations was an idea of Woodrow Wilson, the president of America from 1914 to 1921. It was set in Switzerland because it was a neutral country. The main 2 countries of the league were Britain and France. Some people say that the league of nations was going to fail from the very start and some people say that the league of nations was a good idea but some things affected it to fail. .
             The league was said to be doomed from the start for several reasons. One of the reasons is that the league did not have a lot of experience. An organisation such as the league was done for the first time and people did not have any experience of working all together to bring peace to the world. The members of the league did not what to do and what to start with, they may be diplomats and professionals, but they still did not know what to do and what to start with. Another reason that proves that the league was a bad idea is that America was not a member of the league. America was a very powerful country because whilst everyone was at war, America used the war as an opportunity to develop and make money. America made money from the war by selling weapons and loaning money to countries. America was not a member of the league because it wanted to become isolationist. The fact that America was not in the league made the league less powerful and its decisions meant less to the world than if america participated. England and France had major losses during world war 1 and were not prepared to use force and solve problems of other countries because they had their own problems to solve, this wouldn't be a problem if america participated in the league of nations. The league of nations could not succeed because it did not have an army and some conflicts should be solved by using force.

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