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Argumentative Essay - Internet Connections

             I have used all my data this month, so I cannot connect to the internet." Many of us probably have said this or at least have heard this. If you encounter this situation, what is the first thing you do? You maybe look for whether there is free Wi-Fi. Many places such as an airport, a library or a subway station offer free Wi-Fi, but still many people will agree that the range of free Wi-Fi isn't wide enough. We are living in the digital information era, and the internet has become a necessary thing similar to water or electricity. It is important to stay connected to the world and people via the web, so cities should offer free Wi-Fi for the public. .
             People who are living in poverty may not be always able to connect to the internet because they cannot afford it. Many schools give students on-line homework or use e-books for their textbooks. Then the kids from poor families need to go to public libraries to use free Wi-Fi in order to study and do their homework. But what if their parents are too busy and do not have time to take their kids to public libraries? Therefore, I think free Wi-Fi should be offered to all people equally.
             Some people may take the wrong way and get lost while they are walking or driving. If they have an internet connection, they can use a navigation application to find the right way. Yet what if your smart phone battery is dead and you only have a tablet or a laptop which does not have an internet connection? With free Wi-Fi connection, there will be no worries of getting lost. Not only the public but also tourists will welcome free Wi-Fi connection.
             Everyone is well aware of advantages of the internet: social media to stay connected with families and friends, websites to get necessary information, and streaming music and movies in your free time. Nevertheless, some people don't trust free Wi-Fi because of security issues. They say some hackers may offer unknown free Wi-Fi to lure people.

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