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Marketing Strategies of Multinational Companies

            Globalization is one of the most powerful concepts in today's economic development. National companies are highly attracted to the global market, and their interaction with foreign countries is becoming inevitable. For this reason, Wang claim that globalization results in the homogenization of buying habits of people from different geographical locations (2007). However, Mooij claims that "Although there is evidence of convergence of economic systems, there is no evidence of convergence of people's value systems" (2002). Rather, Mooij predicted that as income converges, people's consumption mode will diverge, leading to demonstrations of value differences. For that matter, Heatwole emphasizes the importance of studying the way of life that characterizes a group of people, by marketers, (New York State Education Department., 2006) to succeed in the long term expansion of the marketers' firms. Also, the shared meanings, beliefs, morals, values, and customs of a group of people (Grewal & Levy., 2015) influence the marketing strategy of transnational corporations, specifically McDonald's in India and IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) in France.
             McDonald's is a transnational corporation present in 118 countries, with its headquarters in the United States. Altogether, 250 McDonald's restaurants are established in India (McDonald's India., 2012). The first McDonal's restaurant in India was open in 1996 at Basant Lok in New Delhi (McDonald's India.,2012). McDonald's recognizes India as being a great market for its product because India is one of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) countries which are surging economies and countries with more the 100 million people (Grewal & Levy., 2015). India has a population growth rate of 1.22 %, with a median age of 27 years, which implies that there is a growing demand for ready-to-eat meals in India (The statistic Portal., 2014).

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