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Dynamics of Law and the Courtroom

            The legislative arm of government in any country enacts the laws of the land. However, it is the courts that decide how those laws are to be used in the many cases that happen. This essay will look at the role of the different participants in a court. Specifically, it will address the duties and responsibilities of the major participants, the selection process they go through and their significance in the proceedings of a court. Courtrooms have specific layouts that ensure that all legal issues that need to be attended to by the courts are handled in the most effective and efficient way possible. At the front of the courtroom, there is a higher position reserved specifically for the judge. This higher position enables the judge to see the whole of the court and therefore, be in a better position to control the court proceedings. This also serves to show that the Judge is the highest authority figure in the courtroom. Being the highest authority in the courtroom, the judge has many duties that he carries out. He or she presides over the trial and pre-trial court proceedings. This means that he has the responsibility to maintain order in the court. He has the duty to determine whether the presented evidence is inadmissible or admissible. He is also useful during jury trials where he instructs the jury on how the law should be applied to particular cases. He is the one who weighs the facts and makes the final ruling in court cases (The Judge, n.d).
             All the judges in the US are appointed by the United States president and approved by the US Senate. These include "The federal district court judges, the court of appeal judges, and the US Supreme Court judges". The US federal judges usually have life tenure. However, the constitution under article III provides that judges can only be in office during good behavior. This means that they can be impeached and convicted by the congress if found guilty of any offense.

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