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The Male Gaze: Sociology of Gender

            For the past few Sociology of Gender classes we have been discussing or beginning to enter the topic which is the Male Gaze. We have been discussing how the Male Gaze affects so many women in the world when they come to portray themselves in the Medias eyes. Within this assignment I will look to use class material as well as videos to answer the question that is "what influence does the male gaze have on the argument of personal empowerment?" To do this I will also implement an image or two to help me with my argument to provide an answer to this very important question. First off I will discuss what the male gaze is. According to Butler (1990) "Gender is socially constructed, and that we learn to be men and women by watching repeated impressions of feminity and masculinity in our everyday lives and through media representations", for me this is the perfect representation of the male gaze. (Bartone, J., Jhally, S., Killoy, A., Seely, J., Young, J. T., & Media Education Foundation. (2014)).
             Over the past decade or so, music videos have sky rocketed with attention thanks to television networks like MTV or MuchMusic. This is one reason that the music industry is still strong today and is continually expanding and getting bigger. That said, this comes at a price, women are often the target of the "male gaze" which often influences celebrities which are more time than not, women. The women in these videos are often portrayed as the sexual being which is only there to please the man and when the man isn't there she is often lost and her world spirals out of control until he comes to her rescue. (Bartone, J., Jhally, S., Killoy, A., Seely, J., Young, J. T., & Media Education Foundation. (2014)) As seen in this video by 50 Cent (video for P.I.M.P) the women are all seen waiting for their man, only one man for a total of six women, this is another very good issue to discuss about, the power that these man have over these women.

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