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Sports and the Benefits of Diuretics

            Science has found, and helped improved the lives of people around the world. In particular, chemicals have played a significant role in many areas, improving human life. I have done my part of research on diuretics, a chemical from the professional sports area. Some people are against the usage of chemicals as they are known to be harmful and damaging because of a reaction involving changes to atoms or molecules. I am for the use of this chemical, diuretics in the professional sports area as it had improved the life of people.
             Diuretics, a drug used that can increase the amount of water and sodium that promotes the formation of urine by the kidney. As to this, this is specially designed to increase the loss of sodium chloride and water from the body. There is few common illness that is treated with this, hypertension, heart failure and edema. Too much salt can cause extra fluid accumulation in the blood vessels, increasing the blood pressure. With the help of diuretics, it can lower the blood pressure by flushing out salt out of the body. This had helped many patients globally treat high blood pressure whilst preventing the lead to other types of heart diseases that may occur in the future. .
             On top of that, another common illness is heart failure and edema. One of the symptoms of heart failure is swelling and fluid buildup in the body, also known as edema. As diuretics is designed to promote the formation of urine, it helps to get rid of extra fluid and sodium in the body. By helping to reduce or to suppress excess body fluids, it relieves those patients suffering from these symptoms. How would this be avoided if not for the use of diuretics? Diuretics are also effective for patients with diabetes as about three-quarters of adult with diabetes suffers from high blood pressure so controlling high blood pressure first is an important concern to avoid from leading on the other serious illness.

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