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Huck Finn and the Mighty Mississippi

            The greatest challenge in life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everybody else. Being part of such a cruel world, you just want to be some place where you can be yourself and be free. In the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, authored by Mark Twain, main character Huck runs away every time life gets too hard because he can't handle how civilization works. One of the people who treats Huck unfairly is his father, so the young boy finds a way to escape the abuse. During Huck's adventures down the Mississippi River, he must leave society again when he encounters a feud between two insane families: the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons. Later in the story, Huck finds a way to shake two frauds who make his life difficult. Each time he wants to get away, Huck finds refuge along the waters of the Mighty Mississippi. Mark Twain's character seeks refuge from an unjust world on the Mississippi River, a place where he can simply be himself.
             The first reason that Huck desires to get away from society is because his father is abusive. Pap is always drunk. When Huck sees his dad, who he has not seen in a long time, he gets scared because Huck does not know what he might do (17). Pap's only reason for coming to see Huck is that he finds out that Huck has money; although, Huck tries to tell him, "I hain't got no money" (18) because he knows Pap will waste all on whiskey. The drunk father and the son go to court, sand it does not take long for the judge to realize that Pap is drunk. He knows that he needs to protect Huck from this terrible man who means only harm to his son. Later in the book, Pap is aware that Huck is attending school at his guardian's insistence.It is hard for Huck to become educated because he does not like what people tell him to do, but more importantly, his father does not want him to try and outdo his parents (18). Pap is just plain a terrible influence on Huck and should be removed entirely from his life.

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