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Being African American - Imaginative Narrative

            The perfect candidate that I chose for imagining myself in his shoes is my elementary school classmate named Adam. This man is an African American, who shared common interests with me like playing video games and combining our silly sense of humor we made good friends with each other. I met up with Adam on a Saturday, on November 7th. We met up at a burger restaurant, and we talked about his background story that involves with his upbringing, daily life, schooling, and daily life in general. .
             What if I was born black like my friend Adam? If I had not been born Asian, what would the process of growing up as an African-American be like? In fact, I think my life would be very interesting because I was never fond of having strict Asian parents who do not allow me to have fun at all. My black neighborhood would be friendly and cooperative. Even though we are not the wealthiest neighborhood in the world, we work together to solve our problems and enjoy ourselves during the process. Families from doors to doors would greet each other in the mornings, and occasionally invite other neighbors to backyard barbecues. The news on TV would have a completely new meaning to me and my family. When we see a fellow African American getting honored on the news, we would cheer and be proud of them, but sometimes we would just have to tolerate through the crime news involved with mostly black people. My mom and dad would always tell me that as long as we know we are good people, we are going to show them that we are good people. One of the biggest event in my life would be watching the 2008 election with my folks at home. The result was that President Obama was elected, and as noble Democrats we truly believe that event was the new era of the United States. At school, I would often question the historical materials that we had to learn. The history book would often make me think that education is quite discriminatory.

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