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Origins of Gamma Ray Bursts

             Gamma ray bursts are the most intense and powerful energy sources in the universe. While they are typically short in duration they outshine any object in the known universe. The gamma ray bursts are divided into two different categories: long and short. These are the two categories that will be discussed in this paper despite some evidence that there is a potential third category, ultra-long gamma ray bursts. The two different categories of gamma ray bursts are produced by two very different processes, which are supernova explosions of massive stars and kilonova explosions of neutron stars that collide. The study of gamma ray bursts has only just started and has been comprehensively covered for the last 11 years by the observatories Swift and Fermi. The observation of these platforms will show that long gamma ray bursts originate from the collapse of massive stars that reside in active star-making regions. .
             Gamma Ray Burst .
             Gamma ray burst (GRBs) are the most violent and powerful bursts of energy in the known universe since the Big Bang and obviously lies on the gamma portion of the light spectrum. [ CITATION NAS13 l 1033 ] There is very little known about these celestial events and not until the last 11 years have scientists observed, with high accuracy, the bursts via satellites. The first GRB ever detected was in the 1960s. United States satellites that were monitoring Russian nuclear activity detected GRBs that were not from a nuclear explosion on the surface of the Earth but from space. American scientists measured and analyzed these GRBs and theorized that the GRBs likely originated in the Milky Way Galaxy and possibly other origins close to Earth. What they didn't know at the time and couldn't know yet because of the lack of sophisticated equipment at the time is that these bursts of immense energy originate from deep within the Universe. .
             GRB Facts, Theories, and Myths and New Discoveries.

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