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Kazakh Culture and Traditions

            Kazakh people always used to respect highly their traditions and national values. They always impress other nations with their tolerance, with extraordinary and unique ornaments, with their patriotism and use of tradition. The one of the important parts of Kazakh culture is its national clothes. It is apparent that in the past Kazakhs wore national clothing in their everyday life, it was an inseparable part of their life. However, in comparison with the past the frequency of wearing Kazakh traditional clothes is decreased and its styles have changed completely. The Kazakh people could not follow the Kazakh culture and improve their textile industry because of the Russification process during the World War times, pressure from the Soviet Union, and impact of westernization that did not give any freedom or opportunity to develop Kazakh traditional fashion industry. Despite these negative effects on Kazakh culture, Kazakhs are improving their fashion and clothing at current days by having a good financial situation and with the help of developing the economy of Kazakhstan.
             Initially, it is completely certain that in the 20th century Kazakh national clothing industry was getting worse. In the World War times due to the Soviet Union's pressure for our nationality Kazakh people could not develop their light manufacture. The policy of Russification push people to forget their culture and to receive Russian tradition. Therefore Kazakh people were in a desperate situation. In the 1920s, Soviet authorities abolished large estates, instituted forced collectivization, and dismantled the sources of traditional authority in Kazakhstan. (Kazakhstan and the Kazakhs. 1975. p. 216-217.) From that time, Kazakh people rejected from their national clothing, Because Kazakh people did not have an opportunity to support their culture, tradition. People who started the revolution against russification were punished or deported.

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