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Term Paper - My Left Foot

            The film, "My Left Foot," examined at length, explores the relationship of the disabled character Christy Brown to his Mother and Father in order to identify familial ideology and its role in the construction of disability. Because of his handicap, he saw the world from a different perspective. Christy Brown is born with Cerebral Palsy into a poor, working-class Irish family. His mother, Mrs Brown, recognizes the intelligence and humanity in the boy everyone else regards as a vegetable. Eventually, Christy matures into a cantankerous writer who uses his only functional limb, his left foot, to write with and paint. He wrote this great book about his life and I believe now, he inspires with his motivational life story. As a social worker and as a human being, I see his struggles and it let me look at my problems in a whole different light, and it inspire me to try a little harder.
             As for the scenes that impacted me the most, I could mention more than ten (10). Yet I would talk about two (2): the first one is when Mrs. Brown lifted Christy up the stairs to put him in bed and consequently she had cramps / pain due to her pregnancy and the effort from carrying him. She went downstairs and fell till and got unconscious. Christy jumped off his bed and bounced on his back and butt downstairs in order to help her. This whole scene impacted me since it shows me Christy's human courage and determination, like his mother, a brave woman. It also shows how dedicated his mom is, a teacher, who is always there for him, a strong-willed mother. .
             The second scene, which also impacted me the most was when he lift the chalk and wrote the word MOTHER, not Father. That shows a loving relationship with his mother, where he feels she cares and supports him as her child. He knows she offers dedication to him and the entire family via self-sacrifice. He couldn't talk yet he was able expressed his feelings by writing with his left foot.

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