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The Ongoing Problem of Cyberbullying

            Growing up is hard, whether one has grown older and knew from experience or if you are dealing with it right now, you know that those years before you enter adulthood can be the hardest times of your life. When you are a teenager, you deal with an abundance of stressful things on a day-to-day basis, bullying is a very common aspect for a teenage. Whether you like it or not, bullying has been around in one way or another, especially in modern times, is it harder for teens to deal with the stresses of being disliked. Bullying has spread to the internet, making it easier for a "bully" conflict the teen, even in the comfort of their own home. The internet can be a bully's salvation; it takes away from the face-to-face confrontation, making it less of a possibility to be caught.
             Social media is the way teens stay connected in modern days. When a teen posts a picture on the internet it's open for the public to see, one can comment on the post and say what they chose to about the particular post. Teens can post pictures for anyone who follows them to see on their online profile, of course they choose who can see their posts, but while this may stand true, most teenagers today strive to have the most followers or friends on social media, so it does not occur to them they risk they take when they are allowing someone they do not know into their online life. This can be a good opportunity for a cyberbully to strike. Anyone that meets an age limit to a specific social media website can make an account, whether it be their real identity or not. The significance of faking an identity over the internet is that bullies can attack the person they are meaning to hurt, without making suspicions about themselves when it comes down to who is actually doing bullying. Fake accounts give the bully a sense of free-will, as if they have no chance of being caught and accused of the things they are causing, to them, cyberbullying has no consequences.

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