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Social Justice and Teens Who Volunteer

            We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated during the year of 2009, approximately 63.4 million people recognised the importance of volunteer work, and gave their time through an organisation at least once. Community services provide support to sustain and nurture the functioning of individuals, families and groups, to maximise their potential and enhance community well being (Australian Council of Social Service, 2009). Throughout this campaign, it is discussed Why every young person should volunteer? To ultimately understand the significance of community service as an aspect of working towards social justice and shaping the community. Today I am promoting the Riding for Disabled campaign as a volunteer option for all students to participate in, and by being involved with this great program will strongly reflect the importance of why every young person should volunteer. .
             Volunteering is referred to a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task with no monetary benefits (volunteeringaustralia.org, 2015). Throughout my time in volunteering within the community I have participated and contributed in many volunteer organisations, such as; door knocking appeals for leukaemia and heart foundation, performing at Akooramak Nursing home. Regularly donating my time on Saturdays for netball umpiring, participating in ANZAC day March, school open days, fundraising money for the Queensland Independent Secondary School Netball Championships, pink ribbon day and cooking in the hospitality studies department. From these past experiences I have learnt and gained many life skills, social skills, friendships and experienced different stories from others that I still hold and value today.
             Statistics show that each week over 4,000 children and adults helped by more then 3000 volunteers have an unforgettable experience through their local Riding for Disabled centre.

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