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Periodic Table of Elements and Light Spectrums

             The periodic table currently contains over 100 different elements that are known to this universe. Each element exhibits both chemical and physical properties which make them unique from one another. To get a closer look of things, everyone used a spectroscope to examine the patterns and colors of the elements based on the rainbow. Essentially, it separates light into waves that we known as colors. A complete mixture of all wavelengths of visible spectrum is known as white light. Spectrums are formed from white lights and frequencies. A white light can be generated by both artificial and space sources (Joshua E. Barnes, September 2015). For example, an abundant source could be the sun and fluorescent light bulbs. .
             One type of line spectrum was a bright line spectrum which contained only certain colors at particular wavelengths. When the atom absorbed energy from the flames, it only absorbed some levels of energy (Columbia University Press, 2015). In quantum mechanics, which was an idea formulated by Albert Einstein stated that any state of system that was higher than the ground state like energy levels was the excited state. The excited state is when an element has more energy than the ground state. When an electrical or flame source combine forces, an element gains more light energy than usual (Luminescent Labs, 2015.) One way elements change from the ground to excited state is from electricity because it charges for an atom when it touches each other. Going from the ground to excited state require heat. In this case, a flame was used. The purpose of this lab is to observe the excited state of twelve different elements and use them to identify the two unknowns and to find the flame colors. The hypothesis would be identifying the two unknowns by examining the spectra and the pictures of the elements which will generate the flame colors for the elements. .
             In this experiment, a flame was used to give off heat which was on a Bunsen burner.

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