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Novel Analysis - Cry the Beloved Country

            Alan Paton's novel Cry the Beloved Country covers the story about a Zulu pastor, Stephen Kumalo, located in Ndotsheni, South Africa. Rev. Kumalo is presented with a letter written from Minister Theophilus Msimangu who lives in Johannesburg. He's informing Kumalo about his sister Gertrude being sick. Rapidly, Stephen decides to use his money to go to Johannesburg and save her. Msimangu is a good friend and Minister, who is very selfless and would be pleased to do anything to lift someone spirit. It would be foolish for anyone to take him for granted. Msimangu shows his selflessness through informing Kumalo about his sister; guiding Kumalo through Johannesburg efficiently, and lastly when he gives his worldly possessions to Kumalo and joins a monastery. .
             Msimangu starts off by showing that he's selfless by taking to time to write and send Kumalo a letter about the status of his sister, Gertrude. "I have had the experience of meeting a young woman here in Johannesburg. Her name is Gertrude Kumalo, and I understand she is the sister of the Rev. Stephen Kumalo, St. Mark's Church, Ndotsheni. This young woman is very sick, and therefore I ask you to come quickly to Johannesburg. Come to the Rev. Theophilus Msimangu, the Mission House, Sophiatown, and there I shall give you some advices. I shall also find accommodation for you, where the expenditure will not be very serious. I am dear brother in Christ" (Paton 37). From this letter, we learn Msimangu is deep in his faith and just wants to help others through their troubles, and we could visualize that Kumalo would still be in Ndotsheni, with no knowledge of the risks of his sister.
             We continue to see Msimangu being unselfish when he advices Kumalo through his journey to many members of his family. Msimangu converses with Mrs. Mkizeis to get information on Absalom who may be in severe trouble, by doing this Msimangu is going through the "sacrifice" of swearing on the Bible.

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