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English Paragraph for Beginners

            Topic 1: Write a paragraph about the importance of music in our life.
             Music has become part of people's every day routine and is significant to people for a number of reasons. First and foremost, music is an effective stress management tool. As long as people like the music they are listening to, they are likely to be absorbed in it; therefore, music grabs their attention away from stressful scenarios, helps them forget the burden of their work and promote their optimism. Secondly, thanks to music, ones' social relations can be developed. Tunes connect people of the same taste together, give people chances to meet new friends who may be lifelong companions standing by them in the future. Finally, music enhances the atmosphere of ceremonies. It is music that adds solemnity to formal conferences, joyfulness to happy events and mournfulness to funerals. In conclusion, music produces many positive effects on our life, so it is necessary that people listen to music everyday. .
             Topic 2: Write a paragraph to discuss the reasons why many students want to study abroad.
             Nowadays, many students choose to study abroad for a number of reasons. Firstly, students could study in effective learning evironments. Studying abroad offers students easy access to the advanced technology and high quality courses with professional teaching staff in the most renovated academies; therefore, students can improve their knowledge and broaden their mind. Secondly, only by studying in foreign counties could students have opportunities to get to know different people from various countries. By communicating with them, students will get more useful information on languages, cultures and economies of many regions in the world. Finally, studying in other countries cultivates students' ability to live independently. Without full financial support from parents, teenagers must afford their daily basic needs as well as overcome difficulites by themselves.

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