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Geothermal Energy

            Alternative energy is energy generated in ways where it does not deplete natural resources or use fossil fuels. The common method of producing energy for the human benefit is burning fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels emits very high levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which damage our home, Earth. If we continue to burn these fuels to produce energy, the structure and surface of Earth will change drastically and be permanently damaged. To prevent these disasters from occurring, or at least to decrease the risk of these disasters occurring, we need to stop using energy sources that emit harmful gases and harm us and our planet, and use alternative energy. One type of alternative energy that should be used is Geothermal energy. .
             Geothermal energy is energy that is stored and generated within the Earth, and it determines the temperature of the matter while originating from the Earth's core. As of 2012, only 0.41% of the electricity generated in the United States came from Geothermal energy. The reason why we should switch to using Geothermal energy to provide electricity for Union County is because it is a clean source of alternative energy and emits less greenhouse gases relative to fossil fuels. Another advantage that comes along with using Geothermal energy is that the power stations for Geothermal energy are very small, and because of this they tend to have a small impact on the surrounding environment. Also, it is a renewable source, which means that we do not need to worry about Geothermal energy becoming scarce, like we need to with fossil fuels. One of the most significant reasons why we should start using Geothermal energy to create our electricity is once a geothermal power station is built, the energy is nearly free. It may require a small amount of energy to run the pump, but energy that is already being produced can be tapped into to do this. This energy can be found and used anywhere on Earth and at any different depths.

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