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Film Critique - The Wizard of Oz

            In this paper, I will analyze the film "The Wizard of Oz" through the lens of a genre theory that I have learned in this course. The film was released in 1939 and is one of the most fascinating films of all time. The directors of the film are Victor Fleming and King Vidor. The cast members are Judy Garland (Dorothy [Gale]) Frank Morgan (Professor Marvel [/The Wizard of Oz/Doorkeeper of Emerald City/The coach driver/Wizard's doorkeeper] Ray Bolger ("Hunk" [/The Scarecrow]) Bert Lahr ("Zeke" [/The Cowardly Lion]) Jack Haley ("Hickory" [/The Tin Man]). In the beginning of the film, Dorothy and her small dog Toto live in a small town in Kansas with her family. Toto is her only friend in Kansas except for her family members. Dorothy shares her feelings and thoughts with Toto about a life full of dreams over the rainbow. .
             As the film progresses Dorothy meets the Scarecrow, the Tin man, the Cowardly Lion and Glinda The good witch. Throughout the film the gift of true friendship, kindness and love are explored. Dorothy's newfound friends help her through perilous situations that show how important their friendship is to each other. In the scene when they were on their way to the Emerald City to see the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz, the friends battled flying monkeys, poisonous poppy field and a bunch of minions who were sent after them by the wicked witch. Throughout the film, there are different scenes that show how important friendship is. For example, "A characters relationship to the story's themes, the plot development, and the other character's can be suggested , emphasized, and intensified for the audience by the use of certain costumes, makeup, props and even position on the set" (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014).
             Throughout the film, there are magical and mysterious moments that grab the audience's attention. During the film, there was a scene of colorful horses. The Scarecrow, Tin Man, Dorothy, and the Lion were paraded through the castle on a horse that changes colors; it was brown, white, purple, blue, and pink.

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