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The Old Brown Suitcase

             When I was a young girl, I lived in Warsaw Poland with my mother father and baby sister Basia. My life was happy and carefree, until the day the planes began dropping bombs from the sky and the men with the shiny black boots came marching into our city. We were scared and unsure of what would now happen if we stayed .Father said he had to leave and help fight , but he would be back soon. while he was away mother, Basia and I spent most our time hiding from the soldiers and trying to stay out of their way. Months later a strange man came to our door , it took me a while to realize it was father , returned form the war. His leg was injured from the battle and he told us that our home in Warsaw was no longer a safe place to live however we were unable to escape in time.
             Part 2- The Ghetto.
             One cold autumn morning my parents told me to gather all of my belongings in my brown suitcase, we were leaving our Warsaw for good. My father carried a large sack and 2 suitcases filled with the little we had as the Germans marched us to our new home. They lead us to a small dirty, overcrowded apartment building with peeling paint and hardly any furniture. Here mother and father quickly unpacked our things and tried to make the best of this bad situation. the ghetto was a place filled with sadness and my parents always did their best to keep me busy. One day father took me to a building which , in the next few months became my school. My teachers Hala and Fela taught, math , French and art , but we all had to keep learning a secret from the Germans because schools in the ghetto were forbidden.
             A few months later I became ill with a case of the measles for many days I lie in bed burning with fever. One morning I awake to find not only my sickness had gone, but Basia my younger sister was now gone too. Father then tells me that I will be going to live with my babushka, out of harms way. He and mother will not travel there with me but promise to come as soon as they can.

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