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The Fatal Effects of Blind Hatred

            In Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet, the plot focuses on the astounding and intense hatred between two prestigious families. The Montagues and Capulets have had a fierce family feud for generations and the reason for it has been lost and forgotten throughout the years. Being born into either of these families subsequently will be prone to manipulation and conditioned in such a way that eliminates rational thought. Shakespeare conveys that blind hatred is self destructive to oneself and others, that nothing good comes out of blind hatred, and leads to irrational, regretful behavior and in this case- tragedy. .
             Shakespeare stresses in the play that neither family is sure of the cause or reason behind their seemingly never-ending rivalry, yet both sides fight to keep it alive. New additions to the family are conditioned to think the same way in that they must fight to hate the other side, eliminating rational thought to the process of rational thought thinking that there. There is no particular reason why they should hate the other family, just that they should and not question it. Each time a family member comes in contact with another from the other family, it seems as though a fight will inevitably break out. Mercutio, Benvolio and Romeo are strolling through the streets of Verona, and find Tybalt randomly. Tybalt attempts to antagonize Romeo upon seeing him, shouting "Romeo! The love I bear for thee can afford no better term than this: Thou art a villain!" (Shakespeare. 3.1.61-62). Tybalt tells Romeo that he is a villain in attempt to insult him and thereby provoking Romeo hoping to arise a reaction from him. This shows how strong Tybalt's hatred is for Romeo, even though he does not know him much at all. It also shows how far Tybalt will go to keep their rivalry alive and well. Tybalt had no real reason to begin such a dispute, he sees it as something he is almost expected and is compelled to do.

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