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Analysis of Mary Rowlandson's Narrative

            Since the beginning of history, plunder and conflicts over land and resources have led to countless wars along with its atrocity and tragedy. And when the Europeans' dream land of abundance, riches and ease finally found its vessel: the American continent, the collision between the western society and the America's native Indian society was already inevitable. In the narrative of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, a colonial American woman who was took captive and sold to an Indian sagamore Quannopin when the Indians destroyed Lancaster during the war, it is clear that the distinctions between western and Indian are tremendous. Description of the Indian society from a perspective of a American captive is valuable and full of information. However, since she lacked understanding of the Indian culture and she was badly influenced by her negative emotions, her narrative and opinions of the indian society is inaccurate and prejudiced. Thus, objectification is required while treating her narrative.
             One of the most crucial distinction between the two society Mrs. Mary Rowlandson mentioned is their attitude and opinions about belief. Mary Rowlandson is a devout puritan. Therefore, whenever she encountered distress of sufferings, she turned to god for help. And she attributed to God all the help she had from the Indians. For example, 'Then took I oak leaves and laid to my side, and with the blessing of god it cured me also '. And 'though some are ready to say I speak it for my credit; but I speak it in the presence of God. ' Though she was abused by some Indians, she also had great help from other Indians. Mary Rowlandson stereotyped all the Indians as barbarous and vicious, so she was baffled by the fact that some Indians were kind to her and naturally yet tendentiously attributed the kindness to God. In fact, the well-being of Mary Rowlandson is related to the honor of her master's family, according to 'And they told me I disgraced my master with begging '.

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