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The Mysterious Camp-X

            Camp X was the name used for a paramilitary and commando training school. The camp was established in Ontario, Canada in 1941. Today, Camp X is known as Intrepid Park. The chief of BSC established the camp itself. Also known as British Security Coordination. The chief, Sir William Stephenson was known by the masses due to his close affiliation with Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. The training ground was one for only covert agents. The facility was used to house a devised area for communications, too. This was the very first facility built for its specialized purpose of training covert agents. Throughout this content of this piece, we will discuss the purpose of Camp X, who operated the camp, and the areas of training.
             For starters, the purpose of the camp was to train covert agents. On top of training the angels, there was a radio station operated out of the camp codenamed Hydra that was used as a telecommunications centre. The centre was able to link allied agents all throughout the globe. It turned out to be extremely beneficial and lucrative as everything happened in real-time. For it being 1941, real-time was something that was unheard of. This centre made it happen with ease. At Hydra, the work was top secret. Folks who wanted near it were shot on sight no leaks were to happen. Anytime someone got too close, they were taken out. From 1941 to mid 1944, the camp was active. In April of 1944, the camp was closed as those operating the camp had found enough recruits and weeded through the good/bad. At the end of the day, it has been reported that 500 students were able to complete the camp. In all, Camp X was a camp that was used to train covert agents.
             Next, a network of collectives operated Camp X. Not only was the camp run by the BSC as mentioned earlier, but also the Government of Canada. Together, the two would create the first camp of its class single handedly. .
             The RCMP, also known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were also involved.

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